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White Oak Parquet Flooring and Strip Flooring

by domino - February 21st, 2019

Parquet and strip flooring meeting at doorway.

This is a white oak 2″ top nailed floor and a 2″ block parquet floor. An entry has the parquet and a living room with a 2″ boards and feature strip dividing the rooms. The feature strip that was added for a little extra pizzazz and definition.  I picked this picture to show how rooms with different patterns can blend well without matching patterns (parquet vs. strip).  You can have a parquet and strip flooring in the same house. In old homes in Portland, OR, it is not unusual to see two different patterns in different rooms. The floors are sanded and finished with Bona Traffic H.D. waterborne urethane satin finish. With the same species of wood, they do look great!


White oak quarter round molding.

We added white oak quarter round molding at the baseboards.  Both pictures show the quarter round. Clients can choose either quarter round to match the floor or to match the baseboards.


White Oak Wide Plank with WOCA Finish

by domino - July 10th, 2017

IMG_0443 We recently installed and finished this beautiful European white oak floor in a private residence in Portland, OR, with WOCA Diamond Oil. The trim work around the entry and step was custom made and installed in place.


7" white oak WOCA finish

WOCA Diamond Oil is an excellent quality oil is suitable for high traffic wood floor areas. It suitable for all types of wood floor and is VOC free.



Character Grade Chestnut Floor and Stairs

by domino - January 4th, 2017

This is a character grade chestnut floor, stairs and risers that we installed, sanded in place, and finished with OSMO Pro-Polyx oil.  Character grade chestnut has a rustic look and is very pretty in a home. This is a distinct looking floor and so beautiful in the right setting.

Character grade chestnut stair treads and risers job finished

Character grade chestnut stair treads and risers finished with OSMO.

Character grade chestnut

Entry and flooring in chestnut character grade.



The air vent covers are also chestnut.


The transition piece is chestnut, finishing off the wood floor nicely.

8″ Wide Plank European White Oak Floor

by domino - November 1st, 2016


We installed this rustic grade 8″ European white oak plank flooring in a residence in Portland.


We sanded and finished it using a Bona sealer and Bona Traffic H.D. satin finish. The white oak flooring really compliments the modern look of this home.


Wide plank flooring is such a good choice and can be used in many different decors.

White Oak Floor with OSMO Finish

by domino - August 19th, 2016

This is an original 1950’s white oak floor which had been covered with carpeting for many years. We removed the carpet and sanded and refinished the floor using OSMO Pro-polyx oil finish.

The client wanted a fresh look to her floors and was very happy with the result.  She was knowledgeable about the OSMO finish and the maintenance required, as it is different from using a polyurethane finish.



OSMO white oak 4

Popular Sheens for Hardwood Floors

by domino - February 15th, 2016

Wondering about what sheen to use for your floor?  There are many different choices, depending on the look you want.

Gloss is the shiniest finish and and as you can see, it looks almost like the floor is wet.


Semi-gloss makes the floors look polished, but not as shiny as gloss.

Hardwood Flooring Portland

Next is the satin, which is one of the most popular.


Many manufacturers of urethanes make a gloss, semi-gloss and satin finish.  Bona has different gloss levels to choose from and the two most popular that we use are  satin and Extra Matte.  Depending on the look you want, you can pick a sheen to compliment your room.

The Process of Sanding Floors

by domino - January 25th, 2016



I thought it would be good to show some of the steps that are required when sanding and finishing a wood floor. We have dust containment  machines, but you can see we still tape off some rooms that are not being sanded.

When sanding a floor, the first step is the drum sander. We do multiple passes with different grits of sandpaper, and then, if we are doing a surface finish, we fill the floor with wood floor filler.


IMG_0367 IMG_0361

After filling the floor, we start the buffing process with a lowboy.

.  IMG_0338

Then comes the first coat of sealer, followed by more buffing between coats.


The floor is finished when all the coats are applied and it looks beautiful.

There are many different finishes that you can use on your floor for different looks. Next week I will show the different levels of sheen that you can choose from.

Old Fir and Oak Floor

by domino - August 11th, 2015

081115 fir stairs

We did work on a house that was over 100 years old.  We did installation of new floors as well as sanding and finishing of the floors that were in the home.  The fir on the stairs is original and so are  the oak floors that you see in the picture. The oak is rift and quartered white oak.


The bathroom is 100 year old fir flooring.  A very dramatic look with the all white fixtures and the dark floor. Beautiful!

IMG_72251 IMG_72171

The floor in the kitchen (still in progress) is new fir which we installed and the sun room is old fir which was there.

The customer wanted all the floors stained a dark color so we used Bona stain and Bona Traffic HD satin finish.



White Oak Floor and Stairs

by domino - June 18th, 2015

We recently installed a 4″ white oak flooring  throughout the entire first floor of a private residence here in Portland. We also did the stairs in white oak.  We removed carpet and put down the wood flooring. The photo was taken right after the stairs were installed and finished and the stair railing was not installed yet.




The kitchen had tile, which we removed and replaced with the 4″ oak.

IMG_60611 IMG_63891





The floors were sanded and finished in place with a coat of Bona DriFast sealer and Bona Traffic H.D. satin finish.  As you can see from the pictures, the whole home looked so much better with the carpet and tile removed, and the beautiful wood floor installed.

Wood Air Vents for Wood Flooring

by domino - June 8th, 2015

Air Vents for Wood Floors

Matching air vents to the species of wood flooring in your home is a common request as clients like the look of the wood air vents vs. a metal air vent cover.

The warm air returns are smaller and fit right into the ducts that are used for heating and cooling the home.

These can be fit flush with the floor and are sanded and finished and dropped into place.  It really makes the wood floors so much prettier using wood air vents instead of the metal ones.

Warm Air Vent Covers

Madrone warm air vent

This is a madrone floor with a madrone warm air vent cover.

Oak air vent

This one is an oak floor with a warm air vent cover.

Chestnut vent

A chestnut floor with a chestnut warm air vent cover.

Cold Air Return Vents

The cold air returns are usually larger in size and are also sanded and finished to match the floor.

red oak vent


Red oak cold air returns.

Wood air vents are made for just about any species of wood flooring, including bamboo, Santos Mahogany, Brazilian cherry, oak, and maple.  If you are looking to change out your metal vents for wood ones to match your floor, give us a call!

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