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The Process of Sanding Floors

by domino - January 25th, 2016.
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I thought it would be good to show some of the steps that are required when sanding and finishing a wood floor. We have dust containment  machines, but you can see we still tape off some rooms that are not being sanded.

When sanding a floor, the first step is the drum sander. We do multiple passes with different grits of sandpaper, and then, if we are doing a surface finish, we fill the floor with wood floor filler.


IMG_0367 IMG_0361

After filling the floor, we start the buffing process with a lowboy.

.  IMG_0338

Then comes the first coat of sealer, followed by more buffing between coats.


The floor is finished when all the coats are applied and it looks beautiful.

There are many different finishes that you can use on your floor for different looks. Next week I will show the different levels of sheen that you can choose from.

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