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White Oak Parquet Flooring and Strip Flooring

by domino - February 21st, 2019.
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Parquet and strip flooring meeting at doorway.

This is a white oak 2″ top nailed floor and a 2″ block parquet floor. An entry has the parquet and a living room with a 2″ boards and feature strip dividing the rooms. The feature strip that was added for a little extra pizzazz and definition.  I picked this picture to show how rooms with different patterns can blend well without matching patterns (parquet vs. strip).  You can have a parquet and strip flooring in the same house. In old homes in Portland, OR, it is not unusual to see two different patterns in different rooms. The floors are sanded and finished with Bona Traffic H.D. waterborne urethane satin finish. With the same species of wood, they do look great!


White oak quarter round molding.

We added white oak quarter round molding at the baseboards.  Both pictures show the quarter round. Clients can choose either quarter round to match the floor or to match the baseboards.


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